Perpetual Exhilaration



Simply put it this way:

I am
for you 

my soul’s favorite motion

is when you
make it move

and all else
slows down in grace.

A good goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot.

—Chris Soriano (via eyethrash)

(via eyethrash)

My fear of failure is the bane of my existence. In a “Mindful Meditation” class I recently learned that it can never be overcome without nurturing the reasons it (anxiety) exists, like an aggravated child who just needs to be reasoned with. I also learned that when I let the walls of my ego down, I nearly throw up. The instructor was “stoked” that my “spirit was working so hard to detox.” Life is changing. 

Chance the Rapper

—Smoke Again (ft. Ab-Soul)

(Source: mathjams)